LIFE CHALLENGE was founded in Cape Town in the late 1970s  to equip Christians for an effective and understandable witness among their Muslim neighbours. Through seminars, personal contacts with Muslims in their homes, at school or work, Christians started changing their attitude from fear and distancing themselves to a thoughtful, committed interaction. The ministry merged with Society of International Ministries (SIM) in 1986.

LIFE CHALLENGE AFRICA (LCA) expanded to East Africa in 1991 and soon touched the lives of Christians in West Africa  due to an ever expanding offer of literature and other resource media, which eventually extended into India as well.

In time close ties and partnerships with similarly aligned mission initiatives in Tanzania (Hamasa ya Milele-Motivation for Eternity), Malawi (Mthengo Wabwino-Good Ambassador), South Africa (CCM Services, a national network also based on the founding initiative of Gerhard Nehls (pictured), developed in their regions.

Since 2010, we have placed special emphasis on the development of training materials. These media are available in several languages, published by LIFE CHALLENGE ASSISTANCE.