The ARK School

Since 2001 Life Challenge has supported a Primary School Project that was initiated and directed by Kenyan missionaries in one of the big slum areas of Nairobi.

Around 350 children (2017 figures) living in great poverty, with a number of them being orphaned, receive a basic school education on a daily basis. They are taught subjects like English, Kiswahili, Maths, Geography, Biology etc. The majority of these children come from a Muslim background.

Besides providing a basic education in school, our intention is to teach them the Word of God, the Bible. This is accomplished by a concept called Chronological Bible StoryTelling. Starting from the Book of Genesis we go through the whole Bible focusing on key stories, finally leading to present the gospel of Jesus Christ. The students get a Bible lesson twice a week so that they understand the overall picture of the Bible as well as how people and stories in the Bible relate to each other.

Our hope and prayer is that these children will understand God’s Word and keep this treasure alive throughout their life.

We also seek to establish contacts to their parents. This includes visiting their homes and inviting parents to come to school and become achievers too. This has led to an evening class for parents, which is attended by around 20 adults who learn English and Kiswahili, but who also get to know the Word of God.

We are grateful that God has helped the school and teachers  establish a good reputation in the community, that it is recognised by parents and neighbours as a place where Christians take care of their children in a loving commitment.

Parents are usually asked to pay a small school fee per month, but for many even that is beyond their means. At present the school is financed to 80% by donations from outside.

If you want to get more information about this special outreach to a Muslim community, or if you are interested in helping by praying and giving, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you for your support and prayers.